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«Urban design and city building are surely among the most auspicious endeavors of this or any age, giving rise to a vision of life, art, artifact and culture that outlives its authors. It is the gift of its designers and makers to the future.

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Three Design Approaches: Pedestrian First. 360° Design. Climate Adapted. Change in a great city like Los Angeles is inevitable. It is an ongoing and, most often, a gradual process that comes in many forms.

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MY RETIREMENT – The future of Urban Design. It’s been an incredible journey 28 years in the making with the City of Los Angeles. I’ve always been proud of this city; As I traveled around, I’ve always advocated that this is the best city in the world for many reasons: We are still very creative and innovative, we are still generous, and welcome …


Seattle’s Rainier Scholars program has partnered with the UW Department of Urban Design and Planning to make connections, develop skills, and empower students become leaders of change

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The Program in the Design of Urban Places, leading to the Master of Urban Design degree, is a unique, interdisciplinary program of advanced study in which exceptional architects, landscape architects, and planners holding professional degrees partake of an intense, focused learning experience of 12 months’ duration.

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Additional Resources In addition to the resources referenced above the City has a number of community design overlays, pedestrian overlay districts, specific plans, and streetscape plans that provide design guidance for a specific geography.

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Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America

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Urban Design Principles. The Ten Urban Design Principles for 21st Century Los Angeles are broad and create the framework for the built environment.